The Old Curiosity Shop

Hidden away in a corner of the City, the London walkabout walking tour will take you to a 16th Century shop and a literary landmark that would look more at home as a crooked house in a fun park, The Old Curiosity Shop.  
Fitting perfectly into the image of Charles Dickens' creaking, half-timbered 'Old Curiosity Shop'. While some doubt has been cast over the assumption that the shop was the inspiration behind Dickens' novel of the same name, Charles Dickens lived nearby and knew the area surrounding the shop very well. He was known to have visited the shop on a number of occasions. 
At one time it functioned as a dairy on an estate given by King Charles II to one of his many mistresses.


Built using the wood from old ships it's the oldest shop to survived the flames of the Great Fire of 1666 and the bombs of the Second WorldWar. Still functioning as a shop, the building's future and architectural heritage is now protected by a preservation order.


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