What to expect from a London Walkabout Walking Tour?

London Walkabout walking tours start at Charing Cross Station and will last around 7-8 hours and as the name suggests it involves lots of walking (8 to 10 Miles) so you will need to be physicaly fit and comfortable shoes are a must.

old london pub 

The London walkabout walking tour also makes use of the Docklands Light railway (DLR) and the River BusPrior to starting your London walking tour it is advised that you eat a Full English Breakfast (we always do), take a bottle of water and this being London a waterproof Poncho.  

walk cup
If you do the London Walkabout walking tour please do leave us some feedback of your experience. we would also like to hear of some do's and don'ts on how we can improve the experience.

Likewise if you would like to walk and explore other parts of London and the UK the use the walkit.com widget below, Lets Get Walking! 


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