Westminster Abbey

Built around 1045 by Edward the Confessor, Westminster Abbey has been the home of all coronations since the coronations of King Harold and William the Conqueror in 1066. It has also been the burial site of Seventeen monarchs and in total over 3000 people are buried in the Abbey.

westminster abbey

Princess Diana's Funeral took place here and I stood outside the Abbey all night to pay my respects alongside over a million others. The Four-mile funeral procession started at 9am and once a minute Big Ben's bell would Toll.

As the procession got nearer you could hear people wailing in a Mexican wave of grief and Seeing it pass was a very moving experience.  

The funeral service was relayed to the crowds outside and when Earl Spencer finished making

his address the crowds outside started clapping, on hearing this the people inside the Abbey joined in, that had never happened before.


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