St Paul’s Cathedral

A cathedral dedicated to St Paul has stood on this site since 604AD and the current cathedral is the 4th to occupy the site and was built between 1675 and 1710 after the Great Fire. 
st paul''s cathederal

St Paul's has been the host of many important state events such as the funerals of Nelson, Wellington and Churchill. It also hosted the marriage of Lady Diana Spencer to the Prince of Wales on 27th July 1981.


I remember the wedding well as I had just left school and worked as an early morning cleaner near the Cathedral. As the day of the wedding got closer so the more the television cameras and crowds grew, until you had to weave past the bodies of people who had made camp on the pavements days in advance to get the best view. There was a real feel of excitement on the street and I still tingle when I think about it. 


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